was founded by Dr. Dionisio Bagarollo as a result of his thirty-year of experience in the field. The company’s growth over the years, also with the contribution of Enrico and Claudia – Dr. Bagarollo’s son and daughter – who joined the top management of the company, has been gradual and organic, and NEWPHARM has rapidly become a guarantee of quality, reliability and professionalism. This result was made possible by the clear business philosophy of NEWPHARM, whose goal is to put the customers first, offering them comprehensive solutions to their problems through complete projects rather than just selling self-standing products.

Thanks to its constant investments in registration dossiers, partnerships with major manufacturing industries, spin-offs and research centres, NEWPHARM was able to establish its presence nationally and internationally, consolidating the business in three main areas: the Agro&Biocides Division, the Medical Division, and the Home&Garden Division.

The Medical Division focuses on:
  • Rotary instruments
  • Saw blades
  • Means of osteosynthesis
  • Foot/Hand surgery implants
  • Control units, electronic micromotors/handpieces
  • Video guided Catheters
  • Flexible endoscopes

The Hospital Division operates in:Orthopaedics, Maxillo, ENT, Neurosurgery, Aaesthesia and Pain Therapy. We usually work on an exclusive basis with agreed targets in order to cover the whole Italian territory

In Italy we hold exclusive rights on the medical line of the following brands:
  • KOMET MEDICAL (Germany) - Rotary instruments and saw blades – in the field of Neurosurgery-Ent/ Maxillo/Orthopaedics;
  • NCS LAB (Italy) - medical devices for External Fixation designed to be used in Hand surgery.
  • GROUPE LEPINE (France) - Means of osteosynthesis and Implants for Foot/Hand surgery – in the field of Orthopaedics;
  • NOUVAG (Switzerland) - Control units, electronic micro motors/handpieces - in the field of Neurosurgery-Ent/Maxillo/Orthopaedics.
  • IMEDICOM (South Korea) – Video guided Catheters and flexible endoscopes – in the field of Neurosurgery/Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy
Company organization:
  • General Management (3)
  • Sales and Marketing management (1)
  • Sales Force (Hospital Division) (40)
  • Clinical Speciaist (2)
  • Customer Service (2)
  • Logistics (2)
  • Administration (2)
  • Regulatory (1)
  • Communication (3)