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Newpharm Medical suggests solutions to address deformity as well as fractures at extremities by means of minimally invasive surgical techniques.
The specific solutions to manage fractures with external fixation are identified by the logo Ca Catch & Play Medical Solutions®.
Innovations usually require: a communication campaign in order to sensibilize surgeons with concern to the needs of the patients, a catalog of workshops designed to show new clinical protocols available and a learning curve to guide the surgeon from the first approach until the adoption of a new surgical technique thanks to the support of expert tutors at the operating theatre.
Newpharm Medical is willing to support surgeons who are going to adopt minimally invasive surgical techniques with Academy, an educational plan full of activities both theorical and practical such as: case reports, workshops and live surgeries.

The first necessity for a surgeon specialized about orthpaedics and traumatology, neurosurgery, ent or cmf surgery is the study of scientific literature about existing state of the art surgical options concerning with the patologies of interest.

The value of a collection of clinical cases depends on the homogeneity of the cases, the number of the reference statistical sample, the number of hospitals involved in the study, the method of assigning patients to the group receiving treatment A compared to the group receiving the treatment B and, finally, by the presence of a control group.


In this section is available a selection of: case reports about new medical devices offered by Newpharm Medical, scientifici papers intended to describe a new protocol or a new surgical technique, data collections designed to create a medium terme follow-up in order to measure the efficacy of a new protocol or a new surgical technique, multicentric randomized and controlled data collections aimed to obtain a significant statistical basis and, so on, reliable conclusions in terms of range of confidence.
Newpharm medical not only is willing to collect bibliography suggested by Manufacturers, but is keen to the clinical experience of surgeons assisted in the italian country too, with the purpose of enlarging the scientific literature with case reports to be considered useful, well described and finally reproducible, which could be hopefully a source of inspiration for the upcoming generations of surgeons.


Our workshops are designed to both surgeons and nurses who are interested in the training about new protocols and new surgical techniques. Our worshops rely on lecturers such as: expert surgeons about the topics, specialized engeneers about research and development, product specialists trained to offer technical assistance at the operating theatre in order to share a 360 degrees view of the protocol of use. Newpharm organizes its workshops phisically at the hospitals or at the university school of specialization, virtually on line by exploiting the platform dedicated to Webinars, or either at the training room in Newpharm’s headquarters in Santa Giustina in Colle (Padova).


Before adopting a minimally invasive surgical technique it is needed facing with a learning curve. We would like to remind of the three dimensions of the know-how: to know (the basics), to know how to do (the surgical techniques) and to know how to be (communication towards the patient). The live surgery sessions offer an unmissable opportunity to discuss about all the dimensions of the know-how and, in particular, about surgical techniques as well as on the path of the patient that needs to be organized, at first, and communicated at second.
Newpharm would like to network unexpert surgeons with expert ones in order to assist to interesting surgical procedures directly at the operating room, in compliance with the authorization of the competent health directive offices.
Actually the educational offer is wide and well developed specifically concerning with foot surgery with minimally invasive approach and the traumatology of both hand and wrist.