The neurosurgeon needs drills electrical operated, highspeed type, allowing to control both torque maximum level and speed maximum level in order to find the right compromise between capacity of demolishing and control of the instrument.
The surgeon needs handpieces long enough to get to reach the deepest cavities, without loosening in terms of coaxiality of the bur compared to the handpiece. In fact, low coaxiality would generate a big number of vibrations, by compromising the control on the instrument in so doing.
Another factor to take into account is the bur to choose, because diamond burs usually generate lower level of vibrations acompared to stainless steel cutting burs. Moreover between cutting burs, it is possible to choose burs characterized by more blades; the more the blades the more the level of vibrations is low.
It is important to control heating by means of irrigation pump possibly integrated with the control unit and orientable towards the point of contact between the rotating instrument and the bone tissues.
Please consider that the neurosurgeon need a wide range of drilling tools which can differ during craniotomy, because of the approach to be used such as cranial or transfenoidal one.
Provided that all precautions are taken into account, a good medication which could reduce the risk of surgical site infection is always useful.


The solution presented by Newpharm about Cranium is Highsurgh30®, a control unit electrically powered characterized by high levels of torque which can be set-up by itself depending on bone density and type of handpiece. It is the case of a high speed control unit which achieves 80.000 rpm in terms of maximum speed.
Highsurgh30® is characterized by having the micromotor as module, thus it presents three different handpieces depending on the compatible shaft of burs (70,95, 125 mm) as well as on the available models (straight and angled). This feature gives two advantages consisting of the guarantee about best coaxiality between the bur and the handpiece, from one side, and the capacity of reaching of most deep cavities, on the other side.
The system is provided with peristaltic irrigating pump integrated with the control unit with a dedicated outer line of irrigation, that can be conneccted to the wire of the drill thanks to motor cable clips and that can be plugged distally to the handpiece, by an external cooling tube which guarantee an effective and precise irragation.
The solution proposed by Newpharm is the so called Highsurg30® full because it is complete in terms of: control unit, pedal, system of irrigation and aspiration, perforator handpiece and craniotome handpiece for cranial access, long angled handpieces for transfenoidal access intended for skull base surgery, rotating instruments such as single use cranial perforator drills, craniotomes and burs.
Single use cranial perforator drills so called Vitaldrill® present a centering edge and sharp teeth in order to achieve a high cutting efficacy, an innovative stopping mechanism designed to give security to the surgeon as well as to the patient and, finally, they release a concave cavity as an attempt to better protect dural soft tissue.
The range of Highspeed burs is wide in terms of granulometry (medium, coarse, extra coarse, mega coarse), number of blades for each bur (6,8,10,12,14,16) and shape (round, cylinder, olive, etcetera).
In the end, Newpharm Medical is specialized in the organization of surgical packs including rotating instruments together with – Topocryl.