Apart from the above mentioned issues concerning with cranial surgery which are generally valid everytime there is the need to demolish bone tissues, there are specific problems involving ENT surgery too. About rhynology it is necessary to use straight handpiecese and microdebriders so that it is mandatory to speed-up the operations of assembly and disassembly of the handpieces. In case of plastic of turbinates, nasal sinus, it is necessary to exploit a wide range of shavers, considering especially the angled ones. In case of rhynoseptoplasty there is the need of both reciprocant saw and reciprocant rasp. In case of ear surgery it is mandatory to have all the handpieces as well as the burs intended for open and minimally invasive surgery. About maxillo facial surgery it is fundamental to have different types of handpieces: short, straight, contra-angle, variable ratio featuring intended for endodontics and implantology as well. Concerning with the burs there is the need for diamond burs, bone cutters, twist drills.


Newpharm Medical is distinguishing on the basis of Highsurg30 control unit which features two motor socket intended for as much micromotors as well as a modular system where the module is represented by the micromotor. By connecting two micromotors at the same time to the control unit from one side and to dedicated handpieces to the other one, it remains to open the single use dedicated consumable in order to reduce the time of preparation about surgical instrumentation.
Newpharm presents a wide range of handpieces: straight, angled and microdebriders. The portfolio of shavers is big as well in terms of shape and and angulation: at 0°, 15°, 40°, 60°. Concerning with rhynoseptoplasty, the offered solutions are complete because including both handpieces designed for open surgery and handpieces intended for endoscopic and stapedectomy with dedicated burs. Please consider one among many, the TC1SL bur charcaterized by the use of tungsten carbide at the shank as well as at the operative part of the bur which allows for reducing the vibrations to the minimum and shaping the mastoid bone with precision in order to position a cochlear implant.


Newpharm offers complete solutions in terms of HIghsurg30® control unit, system of irrigation, handpieces, rotary instruments.
Handpieces are available for burs shank 44.5-57 mm as well as for twist drills 70-95 mm.
The catalog is providing surgeons with contra-angles with 1:1 ratio. Finally endodontic handpieces and ona handpiece for implantology with 20:1 ratio and spray feature are available. It is possible to complete the system with sagittal micro saw, oscillating micro saw and reciprocant micro saw too. About burs, Newpharm Medical relies on the biggest catalog of rotary insteruments in the world, by representing Komet®.
For istance, please think about the exclusive cutting geometry of OMNI-E® burs, or medium, coarse, extra-coarse and mega coarse granulometry at diamond burs. Moreover LINDEMANN oxivorous burs and pre-drilling TWIST DRILLS are available too.