When facing with the surgery of the knee, there is the need of: a saw which let control resections, a saw blade which can resist to bending and can mantain cut efficiency even after many passing trough the tissues. In the case of hip prosthesys, instead, maybe that the surgeon needs for a wide range of cutting instruments in order to reach narrow and deep fields.


NOUVAG HIghTorQ® battery powered power tools system are “balanced” in order to let the surgeon keep the maximum control on the saw blade during resection of the bone. KMS® saw blade , thanks to the quality of the steel alloy used and the hardening process, presents a particular capacity if resistance to bending forces. The cutting line characterized by teeth cut by diamonds provides with higher cutting performance and lesser heating. EZ®, premium blade, thanks to the honeycomb, allows to dissipate the heat.
We put a lot of attention about Prevention on Surgical Site Infections. For this reason, we our procedural kit about total knee prosthesys are composed of both saw blades for osteotomy and pulsed lavage systems and a special antibacterial medication so called “Topocryl®”.
In case of a revision surgery about Total Hip Replacement, it is possible to ask to us for simple basic surgical procedure kit, involving special burs, as well as for the complete kit, characterized by specific EZX®saw blades designed for cup removing.