In open foot surgery, there are a lot of osteotomies such as the following which are the most known: Chevron, Scarf, Weil, Akin. A surgeon, who is willing to address different degrees of deformities with targeted techniques, have to be provided with cannulatad screw, step-off screw, staples static or with memory of shape. In case of arthrodesys it is fundamental at first to prevent the risk of mal union or non union and, secondly, to follow AO Foundation guide lined in terms of: reduction, stable, fixation, bloody support and early mobilization.


Newpharm medical would like to be a parter at 360 degrees in foot surgery, by offering complete solutions in terms of both control unit provided with pen handpieces and available implants. Our strenghts are: a full range of Ofadrill® handpieces which avoid to open another basket with big saw or traumatologic saw; a wide range of implants such as titan cannulated screws SCARF® OCS®, MAGNEZIX® screws changing to bone, nitinol made staples with memory of shape which are preservation cost free. Newpharm suggests BOW® Plating system to address proximal osteotomies such as Open Base Wedge. Thus PROMO®, which stands for proximal rotational metatarsal osteotomy, is much more innovative and unique because it allows the surgeon to perform pre-operative planning as well as a guided plus reproducible surgical procedure.
Moreover Newpharm has an exclusive catalog of plates and screws intended for arthrodesis such as LAPIDUS® and MTP® which allows to minimize the risk of mal union as well as non union by means of a dedicated instrumentation to completely remove the remaining cartilage together with a patented precision guide to position a lag screw through the osteotomy in order to get a compressione effect plus a better stability of the whole construct. Thanks to PHANTOM INTRAMEDULLARY NAIL® it is possible to increase stability on the horizontal plane as well as blood supply in case of Lapidus.
Besides, Newpharm desires to become a point of reference in the field of flat foot by presenting complete solutions included FFI® subtalar screw, CALC SLIDE® intended for calcaneal slide osteotomy.