Nowadays epiduroscopy is the most spread technique of diagnosis about chronic pain at lumbar space exploiting natural orefices such as the sacral hiatus. In this cases the specialized medical doctor needs a learning curve and a dedicated instrumentation represented by special catheters with destination of use about pain therapies and visualization systems intended for minimally invasive techniques. The terapy involves peridurolysis in ordet to decompress the epidural space. Decisional algorithm suggests three options: mechanical and pharcological peridurolysis by using steerable 2 ways catheter in case of simple adhesions; mechanical peridurolysis with balloons in case of highly resistant adhesions; resection or full ablation with RF electrodes in case of herniated nucleus pulposus. If epiduroscopy is performed too late, then the specialized medical doctor may need medical devices to create the space between the tissues prior to the use of catheters.


In this section some solutions designed to perform diagnosis (epiduroscopy) and treatment (peridurolysis) of cronic pain witn minimally invasive technique. Newpharm Medical offers a two ways catether intended for both epiduroscopy and peridurolysis to be used with videoguided minimally invasive technique by means of camera and flexible fiberscope. In case of highly resistant adhesions, Newpharm can provide the specialized medical doctor with an innovative and exclusive solution represented by a balloon completely integrated with the catheter. In order to serve surgeons with complete solutions, we can offer a system for percutaneous radiofrequency as well as a fully integrated system power tool and hand piece for PPDD (plasma percutaneous disc decompression). Newpharm can provide surgeons with exclusive solutions in case of tight or almost closed orefices such as introducers, dilators in order to help the introduction of catheters even where the space could not be sufficient.