If the surgeon adopts Kapandji tecnique, then it will be hard to guarantee early mobilization following the AO foundation principles. If the surgeon adopts Orif technique, then it will be difficult to offer minimally invasive approach to patients. When facing with high energy traumas at distal radius and distal ulna there are not so many solutions in terms of medical devices and prosthesis.
In case of fractures of scafoid the golden standard is represented by percuteonous cannulated screw, thus titanium screws are not always the best solution to provide bloody supply to the bone in order to enable the biological healing process of the tissues.


Medical is innovating in the field of solutions to address fractures of metacarpus and phalanges by offering Mutifix® which is flexible in the hands of the surgeon, allowing for minimally invasive surgical procedures with percutaneous external fixation, and it is compliant with the patient allowing an early mobilization of the hand.
Mutifix Wrist® represents the most updated evolution in order to guarantee a better stability as it is mandaotry in the field of fractures of the wrist. The system allows to manage type “A” fractures and type “B” fractures. Sometimes for type “C” specific fractures the system can help to reduce the fractures with arthroscopic technique as well as to position K wires in order to improve the stability of the whole construct. Compared to traditional external fixators Mutifix Wrist® gives the opportunity to exploit non bridging modality too, and in so doing, it let the patient to move the hand without impingments.
In case of type “C” fractures that can’t be treated with Mutifix Wrist®, Newpharm suggests to use Visiofix® which, thaks to a wide window, increases the vision for the surgeon whwn reducing the fracture and, by using different materials for the plate and the screws, avoids the risk of “cold fusion”. Newpharm is a leader company about identifying single-use sterile procedural packs provided with main implant, K wires and antibacterial medications. About Visiofix® the instrumentation also is single-use and sterile in order to manage with emergencies such as many entries to ER in terms of wrist fractures that need to be treated within the day, in order to guarantee the in order to guarantee the recover the flexibility. In fact, the more the surgeon waits before surgically treating the fracture the more the patient is likely to loose flexibility. In case of traumas of distal radius and distal ulna, Newpharm presents COBRA®, which is a prosthetic solution to high energy fractures of distal radius only or distal fractures of distal radius combined with fractures of ulna too. Concerning with scafoid fractures, Newpharm is offering a wide range of solutions from snap-off BRI® screws for small fragments to more updated MAGNEZIX® in terms of cannulated screws. This new generation of magnesium screws is more compliant with AO fixation principles because it changes to autologous bone allowing a real bloody support to the tissues. In so doing it helps the natural healing process of the tissues. In particular, the surface of MAGNEZIX®, once in contact with the bones, it goes away by means of the corrosive effect generated by magnesium hydroxide. MAGNEZIX® features osteoconductive propierties given that, at this point of the process, enables the venue of osteocytes and osteoblasts which are basically the resonsibles of the proliferation of new bone cells.