The surgeon, who chooses plates and screws, needs anatomically contoured plates and additional characteristics in order to mantain temporary reduction operated before with K wires. In order to gain a good stability it is necessary to use locking screws and, possibly, to exploit screws with a bigger diameter, intended for the same plate, in order to increase stability. Moreover it is mandatory to get plates with oblung compression slot and, eventually, some other systems to get improved compression effect. Finally it would be much appreciate to get systems allowing for minimally invasiva approach, by reducing the lenght of the surgical incision.


Newpharm Medical is the distributor of the catalog of products Gorilla R3con™ Plating System by Paragon28 in Northern Italy composed of Ankle Fracture Plating system as well as Gorilla® Screws.
All the above plates are anatomically contoured in order to maintain the reduction previously obtained by means of K wires.
Gorilla® screws locking offer 15 degrees in terms of poliaxiality in all directions that means 30 degrees as total. Above all Gorilla® screws present three diameters of 2.7, 3.5 and 4.2 mm compatible with every plate, where 4.2 mm diameter allows the surgeon to obtain a better stability. Moreover, Gorilla® screws present a specifical characteristic so called Cheaters Lag. It is the situation of a thread at the neck of the locking screw and a special ramp which, during screwing in, help the plat to adhere to the bone. In case of a fracture to the fibula at the syndesmosis then it is available at Paragon28 a solution to address syndesmosis with rigid sintesis, the so called R3LEASE™ STABILIZATION SYSTEM. It is the situation of a system which, in case of fracture when weightbearing, guarantees the break of the screw at the notch which is generally situated before the syndesmosis, in order to semplify the removal.
R3con™ Plating System allows for an effect o compression by exploiting three instruments: compression slot, interfrag lag screw, caspar device.
In particular, Gorilla® Calcaneal Fracture Plating System offers a dedicated instrumentation for Sinus Tarsi Support Plate model which, thanks to a blunt dissector and to a drilling guide, allows to position a plate by relying on a small surgical incision.